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About  Cyphert.Net
Stephen Seifert who lived in the Black Forest region on the border of France and Germany, was the father of three boys, Philip, Adam and Johannes, who emigrated in the late 1740's. This particular Stephen Seifert has not been definitively identified as the father of our three ancestors, although the correspondence in names seems reasonable. If you are in a position to research Catholic families in Alsace, please let us know!

Register to gain access to Cyphert Stories (on the People tab), which provide more information. A couple of key stories to get an overview of the Cyphert family are Coming to America and The Cyphert Name

Want to meet the Cousins? A Yahoo chat group provides a virtual reunion for any and all descendants of Philip, Adam and Johannes Cyphert.  We swap family history information as it comes up, and we let each other know what's going on along the various branches of the Cyphert tree.  It's a great place to get started if you're not sure where you "fit" into the Cyphert tree.  Somebody probably has the records on your branch! Go to YahooGroups to subscribe. There is also a Facebook Group. Join up, and then add all your cousins!
The Reunion
The photo above was taken with a rotary camera in front of the Methodist Church in Kingsville on June 30, 1923. The occasion was the first Cyphert family reunion (a tradition that continues on the last Saturday of June at Clear Creek State Park, PA).  The 1923 event gathered the descendants of brothers William Rolston (1-3-8)and Thomas Burton Cyphert (1-3-6) along with their cousin, Henry Cyphert (1-7-1), who had married sisters Elizabeth, Mary Jane, and Sarah Allison in a triple ceremony at Brookville, PA in 1857. The reunion organizers were probably congregation members Hugh Burton (1-3-6-6), David Harvey (1-3-6-3), Curtis Elmer (1-3-8-3), Tate Elsworth (1-3-8-4) and Barton Elwin (1-3-8-7) Cyphert. All but Barton Elwin are buried in the Methodist Cemetery, Mount Calvary, two miles north of Kingsville, and Barton E. Cyphert's house can be seen at the left of the photo.

Each of these cousins is in the picture, along with 250-300 other members of the Cyphert family, town friends, and quite a few Aarons.  Click here for an enlarged version of the photo with identifications.

Of the three Allison sisters, Sarah was the only one living to attend the reunion. She was 87 years old at the time and died in 1930.